The clear choice for male



A warm and resonant lyrical baritone, Mike's voice makes listening a pleasure. People pay attention to it.  In addition to radio reporting, Mike has been the voice for numerous high concept simulation narrations - envisioning a future reality. 

Mike is a truly “right-brained” engineer.  He holds a Ph.D. in engineering management and systems engineering, having taught at the university level, yet he is also a performer and professional singer.  His ability to balance the linear/technical with the non-linear/creative, combined with his warm, engaging baritone, generates a rich communication experience that helps you get your concepts across effectively.

“Mike Cochrane is my favorite choice for voice-over narration.  With his no-nonsense, articulate, and bold voice, Mike provided professional voice-over services for over a dozen videos.  Mike's warm, yet authoritative voice helped establish MECHSIM as the premiere source for technical transportation concept visualizations for the Department of Defense.  If you want clarity and precision balanced with a rich voice, Mike Cochrane is the right choice!”
               -    Ford Cook, P.E., President MECHSIM Engineering Solutions


“Our company produced multiple video presentations to support the marketing and technical training for our Contrail® container. Michael Cochrane offered a professional narration as the voice in each of these presentations. The quality and timing of his delivery made it easy for the listener to follow and understand the information presented in graphic and video form. We would not hesitate to call upon Michael to render his voice to future productions.
              -    Glenn Patch, President/CEO Contrail Logistics, LLC


“Michael’s voice has a remarkable combination of authority and friendliness, plus he's great at taking complicated ideas and making them easily understandable. He is a pleasure to work with too. Always prepared, always professional.”
              -    Joseph Slife, Senior Producer, WORLD Radio